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Customers who successfully reserve the motorcycle via this platform will be contacted via telephone call within 2 working days.

Only if you are contacted by BMW Motorrad dealer and made your booking payment to dealer within 15 days from the date you are contacted, you will be in a queue for BMW R 18 delivery. Delivery priority based on booking chronology.

We will endeavor to fulfill delivery, however due to Covid-19 disruption a full delivery timeline cannot be guaranteed. In the event BMW Motorrad cannot deliver in year 2020, customer may exercise refund if you wish. But this means other submitted reservation will be prioritized.

Standby list: You will be contacted if a motorcycle becomes available. If we cannot fulfill your reservation now you will be prioritized in the next production delivery.
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4. Privacy
General note - If you purchase or have purchased a BMW vehicle from a BMW Authorised Dealer or if you service or have serviced your BMW vehicle at a BMW Authorised Service Centre, provision of your personal data would be required and you have acknowledged and have agreed that you shall be contacted by BMW group of companies and your Authorised BMW Dealer and/or BMW Authorised Service Centres for all purchase and vehicle related matters, including but not limited to the Customer Satisfaction sales and service surveys.

NOTA AM: Jika anda membeli atau telah membeli sebuah kenderaan BMW daripada Pengedar Sah BMW atau jika anda menghantar Kereta BMW anda di Pusat Servis Sah BMW anda dikehendaki memberi data peribadi anda dan anda telah mengakui dan telah bersetuju untuk dihubungi oleh kumpulan syarikat BMW dan Pengedar Sah BMW anda atau jika anda menghantar atau telah menghantar kenderaan BMW anda di Pusat Servis Sah BMW untuk semua perkara yang berkaitan dengan pembelian kenderaan dan yang berkenaan kenderaan, termasuk tetapi tidak terhad kepada kaji selidik Kepuasan Pelanggan mengenai jualan dan perkhidmatan.